40 Days to St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day – The Envy of the World!

According to the Irish Exporters Association, Ireland is the envy of the world on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish Government will do their utmost to position Ireland globally. Ministers will proudly promote Ireland and Irish business throughout the US and around the globe. But what will you do? With only 40 days until St. Patrick’s Day, have you considered what marketing tools you can deploy to engage with your US clients? Below are just a few of the many marketing tools you can use to take advantage of this exclusive Irish opportunity. Remember whatever you decide, planning ahead is the key to success!

  • Direct mail: – Using the clever, if clichéd, St. Patrick’s Day postcards, send your clients and key targets a little reminder about your product or service.  Select a greeting that reflects your company ethos.  If you can’t be funny be sincere!  For best results include a “call to action” on your card – “Phone today for a discount”, “Sign up and get a shamrock key ring” or “Call for a consultation and receive a piece of the old sod!” There are many online sites offering customized and bulk order St. Patrick’s Day cards. Two examples include PostyCards in the US and Vistaprint here in Ireland. If mailing your cards from Ireland allow 14 days for your postcard to arrive.  If mailing within the US, typical delivery is 2-3 days.  Finally – postcards should arrive during the week ending March 17th and not after the holiday!

  • Host an event: Why not book a party room in one of the many Irish pubs in the US? Everybody wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and by inviting clients to an event you are including them in the celebration, providing an opportunity to network in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  NYC bars and restaurants offer excellent packages which typically include a private room, open bar and buffet food at very reasonable prices.  Remember St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year so most events will be happening the week before.  You need to book early!

  • Special delivery: Hand deliver or ship Irish sweets or chocolates to contacts in the US. A small amount of candy in an appropriate box or bag is perfect. Keep it simple, break up a box of Roses into smaller cellophane bags with a green ribbon and your business card.  It’s that easy!  Remember it’s always the thought that counts!

  • Something special: For key clients, a bottle of Irish whiskey will always be appreciated. Ensure the gift is delivered to the office and not home in order to maximise marketing longevity.  Ask your supplier to include any relevant promotional information about the whiskey.  Perhaps it’s brewed in your home town, a place they would have visited, their ancestors came from, or a where a famous US personality visits?  Be creative with your message. Whiskey can be purchased and shipped directly within the US,  saving time and money.  Remember this is your exclusive opportunity to get the attention of an important client, so make it matter!

  • Host a dinner program: If a private room in a pub is not suitable for your clients, you could host a dinner program in one of the many excellent Irish restaurants in the US. There are a wide range of restaurants similar to Rosie O’Grady’s (7th avenue in New York City) which offer St. Patrick’s Day menus and packages. To make the evening even more special, invite a harpist, or performers from an Irish school of dancing to enhance the evening.  Remember planning is key so make your reservations early!

  • eMarketing: Sending an email newsletter with exclusive St. Patrick’s Day offers and/or a St. Patrick’s Day greeting is also another inexpensive and effective marketing tool. Make it interesting by including a game, a puzzle, an appropriate joke or jingle.  Use your marketing team to create a quiz about Ireland and offer a small prize.  Remember to ensure all eMarketing is appropriate and that any music included is not overly loud, causing annoyance or offence.

Stateside have matched clients to their most suitable direct marketing option, helping them select from  a wide variety, from the most cliched and obvious and to the most unique and urbane. We can identify the best deals in town for events and entertainment. We don’t comprise quality for price, but ensure quality at a fair price.

For your St. Patrick’s Day planning, call Stateside Solutions today in New York.  +1-212-470-6579. We look forward to hearing from you!

Visit our blog tomorrow for tips on planning and hosting an event in the US for St. Patrick’s Day!


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