Stateside Solutions US Market Entry


US Market Entry – Stateside Starter Program


Stateside Solutions has developed a step by step, cost saving program to provide you with the services you need for a successful US market entry or scaling-up in the U.S.  Having worked in the U.S. for over 15 years we understand the landscape as well as the challenges and our program was developed to eliminate the guesswork.  In a country as vast as the U.S., if you do not thoroughly research the professionals you use to establish your U.S. presence, you are putting your US expansion and budget at risk.

The Stateside Starter Program will save you time and money by interviewing and referencing all service providers and ensuring their expertise in your specific sector. We also negotiate discounts to ensure cost effectiveness, and most importantly we support you throughout the entire process.

The Stateside Starter Program for US market entry can include one or all of the following:

Salary Benchmarking

We will work with clients prior to  setting up in the U.S. market, to create a realistic budget for hiring key personnel in the U.S. and assess alternative options.


With established relationships with account managers familiar with the needs of foreign owned SMEs, we can provide direct access to decision makers to fast track the banking process.

Corporation Formation

We will provide quick and direct access to corporate lawyers, accountants and tax professionals who have relevant experience with international companies in your sector.

Office Space

We have visited numerous offices throughout the U.S. and can identify a suitable location to match your business needs and budget including: Virtual Office set up, 800 numbers, call answering service and short term rentals.

Executive Recruitment

With established contacts throughout the U.S., Stateside Solutions will proactively reach out to professionals best suited to your organization and culture. We will then present potential hires based on skill set and experience leaving the “best fit” decision to our client.

Employment Matters

We will assist with and provide guidance on ‘At Will Employment’, Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, policies on sexual harassment, workplace discrimination and other elements required in an Employee Handbook. We pay specific attention to contract mediation, Non Compete Agreements by relevant state, and interviewing guidelines and check sheets.


We have established relationships with payroll providers and have the knowledge and scope to cover compensation issues relating to payroll employer taxes, 401K administration, workers compensation and employee withholding.

Health & Fringe Benefits

We will work with brokers to ensure health benefits are appropriate for employees, educate you on expectations and requirements in a health package and liaise with candidate and broker to maximize your value for money and your candidates satisfaction.

On-boarding & Management

We will provide advice for on-boarding and management of sales personnel who work remotely, including travel, expenses, sales reporting and time management.

Contract Staffing

We have a sales team based in NY who are available to work full or part time on all aspects of B2B sales from lead generation to sales meetings.

Trade Show Representation

Being on the ground in the US, we can deploy staff to represent you at trade shows across the country. We offer this service both as a representative of a client company and to gather market intelligence.