Tips for Writing a Great Resume

Stateside Solutions Tip for Writing a Great ResumeAt Stateside Solutions, we currently have a number of exciting new positions which we are recruiting for. To ensure success when applying for any of these positions, we have put together a few key tips on how to write the best resume.

1.Highlight your success in numbers: Include specific examples where you helped your employer make money or save money. Identify measurable results and use numbers. Remember, the only benefit you can bring to the table is past performance. US companies like to focus on the quantitative results you have achieved rather than the description of your responsibilities and accomplishments. For example, rather than saying that you created a new marketing plan for your company, you should mention the quantitative results – for example “Initiated new marketing plan that grew sales 5.7% versus prior year”.

2.Why should they choose you?: Think about why you are the best candidate for the role. What makes you better than all the other candidates who have applied? What is your Unique Selling Point?

3.Keep it to one page – Get to the point: Resumes are typically just one page in length so make sure to use your space wisely and only include your most relevant experience and accomplishments to the role you are applying for. Employers seek well-organized resumes that effectively summarize what professional qualifications you bring to the table. Delete personal information and non-work-related activities that have no bearing on your ability to perform the job. The most effective resumes are clear, concise and written in plain English. Cut to the chase and keep it simple by eliminating extra words and phrases.

4.Emphasize achievements: Employers like to see you have a track record, so mention your top accomplishments early in your resume. Use your objective section to briefly mention several key achievements, getting into the details in your work history section.

5.Use US English: Ensure that the language you use is US English. Certain words such as organise, prioritise are spelled different in the US i.e. Organize, Prioritize.

6.Use a professional email address: When submitting a resume, use a professional email address. It’s all too common nowadays that email addresses tend to have more of a social focus eg. It’s always a safe bet to stick with

7.Customize your resume: It definitely takes more time to write a custom resume, but, it’s worth the effort, especially when applying for jobs that are a perfect match for your qualifications and experience. Your resume should include the same keywords that appear in job description. That way, you will increase your chances of your resume matching available positions – and of you being selected for an interview.

8.Proof your Resume: Review your resume to ensure it is consistent and error free. It’s also very helpful to have friends or colleagues look over your resume as they may spot mistakes which you have missed.


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