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5 Steps to a Successful Offsite Meeting

5 Steps to a Successful Offsite Meeting

1. Set out objectives: Define what a successful event would be for the company by creating a clear purpose and objectives for the event. For example: “The purpose of our annual off-site meeting is to offer a creative environment from which we will focus on clear, specific goals and objectives for the coming year”.

2. Include and Engage: Create a forum which encourages input from key participants prior to the event so they feel as if they are part of the process and not just there to serve the company leaders’ agenda. This can be done by identifying someone to be the point of contact to develop various input sources so that employees feel that their concerns are being addressed. Methods such as an employee survey (online or standard), employee focus groups or an online discussion board are ways for ideas and issues for consideration to be shared.
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Stateside Solutions teams up with Atrium


Partnership to develop a division specializing in healthcare staffing to service the Tri-state area

WASHINGTON, DC, NEW YORK, NY and GALWAY, Ireland, March 2010—Stateside Solutions, an Ireland-based full-service recruitment firm that provides permanent and temporary staff placements for small and medium-size employers, as well as multinational companies operating in the US, today announced a partnership with Atrium Staffing, a New York-based talent solutions firm servicing client locations around the US.  The companies will join forces to develop a division specializing in healthcare staffing. The partnership will initially concentrate on providing staffing solutions to medical offices, hospitals and surgical centers in the Tri-state region of the northeastern US. The agreement has an estimated value of US$1.5 million.
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